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Originally Posted by M3 Esq. View Post
This is what I am wondering. I am really just starting out, and have only been to three total DE days and I thought some more formal instruction would be beneficial. Is it worth the extra cash to get out and drive their cars? Is the instruction better/more intensive? Or am I better off sticking with DEs? I was thinking about Skip Barber or M School at the PC, but since LRP is close to me I don't have to deal with the travel to SC.

I know the comments will likely vary widely on this so I am interested in what some of the more experienced drivers think. Thanks.
This is all just my opinion. You will get more track time at $2500 worth of de's; that is a fact. You can get excellent instructing, depending on who you run with. I think it helps to learn on your own car and with DSC off, which, unless they changed the rules, they don't allow at BMW schools (MDM only in Spartanburg when I was there).

The learning curve is very steep the first few days and the additional track time is more beneficial IMO. You need awesome racing instructors more and more as you get fast actually; the first few de's are about getting comfortable on track, learning flags and rules, and generally gaining car control and proficiency.

Come to a Rezoom event and I will make sure you get some time with some excellent instructors, (and when they're not around, me!).

Aside from Rezoom (which I'm partial to since I love the crowd that goes and the way they run their events), Tarheel BMWCCA has many great instructors.