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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
They are almost certainly tested and setup for that specific cars engine note, along with the piping and bends..its akin to tuning a musical instrument....

The internal construction of the mufflers is what limits drone anyways I said I run Magnaflows on my daily .. it drones..but I dont really care..would I want that on my M3?..probably not.
I'm sorry but maybe on some cars this is true, but for a majority they are using off the shelf stuff. Look at Flowmaster catbacks; they have applications for lots of vehicles but the 40 series muffler is the same.. Same w/ most Magnaflow setups and I am almost positive the Gintani setup is just a regular Sebring muffler. Like I said, for some cars this may be true; I know that Dinan is, as well as most OEM mufflers, but for the majority a muffler is a muffler; the pipes are unique