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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Its what you get when you use a "generic" straight through muffler that isnt designed specifically for the vehicle..there is a reason why they are so cheap..

Dont get me wrong, I run Magnaflows on other cars and they are a good option but compared to other systems specific to the M3 that cost an arm and a leg you are not going to get the same forgiveness with drone, rasp ect

sorry to say but most mufflers are not made for the m3. they are generic mufflers used on our setup tailored to fit.

OP you read my mind; thanks for doing this first. I have had a bunch of setups and right now am running a Gintani Race, but have been eyeing these 14816 for a while. They look much better than the 815 single wall. I'm gonna order a set now and weld em up!!