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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
My choice for a new sports car under $45k would be a loaded up 370Z. I emphasize "new", because it will have a warranty for the next 4 years which is important to you.
I second that. I had a 370z too. Very nice car. Blast to drive. It has great handling, amazing grip, very good brakes, and lots of steering feel. And SyncrhoRev Match was sweet! The only downsides were that the engine was low on torque, which is pretty much the same with our M3, and that at high rpm engine noise was a bit rough and truck-like.

I test drove a couple of Mustang GT, but not the Boss unfortunately. I didn't like them that much. The dampers and suspension were too soft, and the steering was too numb with little feedback. Not to mention the car itself on the inside felt huge, with lots of blind spots. Yes, the engine made amazing power and had a beautiful exhaust note. But other than its amazing engine, the rest of the car hardly stands out as anything special. It didn't really feel like a driver's car to me, even though I'm sure it can post fast laptimes.