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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
Concave isn't getting played out IMO because no one has done them right! Well let me rephrase that no one has done them to my standard really cause when I want super concave I want really concave.
I agree here. If I were to ever try a set, I'd want the deepest concave money could buy.
My biggest problems with concave is it really isn't new but someone decided to make a wheel and they pushed it like mad. They pushed it everywhere. People started buying and now every company makes concaves. Its a fad. A follow the newest greatest thing. I hate Pied Piper mentalities.

Now that the hoopla is starting to wear down, I may consider a set. They look really cool rolling down the street. Those spokes pop out like mad. Thats why we buy wheels, to catch the eye.