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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Wow, another Azurite!! That makes a total of 5 known that have posted on the boards (4 of whom were/are active on the boards, i.e. didn't just post a pic and then were gone)

But even more so, I similarly struggled with colors. Oh my gawd, did that give me a headache. I was all over the place.

I'm sure you have seen this video:

And these photos from the same vide/photo-shoot:

It was what made me fall in love with Azurite in the first place.

I have also seen the rust brown in person with piano black (another former Canadian member's Individual car). I think your combo achieves the most what you're looking for. It would give it a very sporty, yet elegant look IMO.

I intend to start a thread later compiling all that I've found with regards to Azurite. I searched with the German spelling and UK sites and found most of my pictures/video that way. It's extremely hard to capture properly due to the sparkly pigments. But it is also a chameleon, in terms of the color it gives off.

I clipped a short video with my cell phone. Not a great camera of course, but it gives an idea.

I love that video from Autogespot! Over the past few months I've watched it an embarrassing number of times. The photos from that shoot sealed the deal for me too.

Thanks for the cell phone video! What a color this is! Can't wait to see it in person.

Great idea on the Azurite thread. I plan to take a ton of photos when I pick mine up.

When I saw this member's photos, I knew I made the right choice:

So hot!