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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
The car behind hamilton was about a carlength back and off to the left.

These are screencaps from just after the first impact, which was very slight (maybe 5cm of actual rubber contact)

Theres easily a meter of road there that Hamilton couldve ducked into (and I think thats what Grosjean was counting on)

Grosjean doesn't own the road, nor should he be allowed to bully a car to the last few inches of pavement. And despite that picture, Hamilton still ended up with a wheel on the grass and losing control out of it. Anyways, to me the orientation of Hamilton's car in the top right subframe looks like he is already angled towards the side of the road. This is supported even more as you consider that the camera is off to the left of the track by a few meters and Hamilton's wheel look square-on to our view in that shot.

Not to mention that at the driver's eye level he can't even see where the track ends and the grass begins so close to the car. So there is still a matter of guesswork anyways.