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Don't let arrogant comments like his get under your skin.

I have owned both. The M3 is almost 4 years old, and the 1m is one year old. I still say the M3 is a better all around car.

I have a funny story when I was searching for a 1M a fellow 1addict member was helping me find one and in one conversation we had he said something along the lines of "The M3 is a boat bro. My friend has one, and I just don't like it. It's such a boat".

He didn't know that I owned an M3 so I just kinda gave him the smile and nod, and kept my opinions to myself, because in all reality yes the 1M is lighter, and feels it... but its not exactly light..

That 1addict member sold his 1M after less than one year of ownership. If you look at the 1Addict classifieds a good amount of them were driven for a few hundred/thousand miles and then sold. I don't know what that means..its a love it or hate it type vehicle.

The 1M is a very rare car, which I love. I just don't think it has anything on the M3 in any aspect. It may be easier to highway drive because of the torque, but that's about it.