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Funny that you mention the BRZ, I just went on a long drive from Austin to Fredericksburg along a bunch of back roads with some co-workers and we swapped rides along the way, so I got to drive a BRZ and a 997 C2S.

Quick review: The BRZ is just a SPECTACULAR car. The back seats are useless except for maybe children's car seats and I'd definitely want the turbo version if I were going to buy one (it's obvious that the chassis can handle more power), but honestly it was such a perfect car through the turns that I didn't even mind not having much power to blast out of them. Those turns were made even more fun by the outstanding seats in that car too; very comfortable, very supportive, and very grippy. I was in love from the first long right-handed sweeper I came across -- it's amazing how much more poised a car feels when it's ~1000 lbs lighter than my M3! Or to state it differently, I can't believe that the current M3 is ~1000 lbs heavier than this car....

Anyway, it was just an absolutely sublime car to drive. I'm just happy that this car exists in the world. Light, low, simple, well-balanced, RWD, a fantastic manual transmission setup, and even decent features and looks -- and all for not much more than an Accord! There aren't enough cars like that in the market. The BRZ/FR-S is hands down the best fun per dollar car available IMHO. The only thing I missed compared to my M3 while driving it other than the extra power was the sound of my V8 (especially on rev matches) because the BRZ's four-banger is much quieter -- but it definitely sounds a lot better than other four-bangers I've heard. I'm not sure how well the stock tires (shared with the Prius!) would hold up on a track, and I've heard the stock pads AND ROTORS can get chewed up quickly on a track in the hands of a skilled driver, but those issues are easily fixed. I'm especially happy that Toyota was involved in this project -- nice to see the company that gave us the Celica GT, MR2, and Supra get back on their game after years of making nothing but soulless transportation appliances.

Bottom line: You owe it to yourself to find someone who has one and take it out on a proper road. I didn't want to give it back.
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