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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy View Post
Off tangent but on parallel that many can relate with...

In the watch world many will pay(myself included) a huge premium to have an in house movement over an eta movement. Absurd? Sort of considering a Casio g shock is about as accurate as a watch can get. People find value in different things.
Very good analogy/counterpart to this discussion. I think quite a few folks here like watches (and/or even have a small addiction..). Not a bug I ever caught myself, but I know I have leanings that could get me engulfed in this area of interest.

In this specific case though wouldn't both the fundamental manufacturing and assembly techniques be nearly identical? Or do some of the smaller movement manufacturers do all hand assembly vs. machine assembly by ETA? Sort of like an engine though I would image hand made components are also basically non-existent. If this is the case then it appears you are paying only for rarity or brand. Nothing essentially wrong with either but personally I would place more intrinsic value in rarity. Similarly with accuracy - some would claim that nothing trumps accuracy for an item like a watch but there certainly are many reasons to covet and value watches with much less accuracy than a Casio.
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