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Drives: 2010 e92 m3
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Location: Toronto

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Username: KmndntKlink
Region: Ontario, Canada
Dealership Name: Budd's BMW
Sales or Service: both
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Ian P.
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 3
Work Performed/Attempted: sale & change tire, fix tint, minor stuff.
Recommended? (Yes or No): maybe
Additional Comments: I bought my m3 used from budd's. I heard stellar reviews, so I had appropriate expectations, and was left pretty much disappointed. Now it was a full individual car so it was pretty unique so my buying power was non existent. Price was still decent, but absolutely no room for negotiation, I'd suspect it would be much better with non M cars or other "normal' m3s etc. Now Ian was excellent until he made the sale. Now this is usually true for all car sales, but Budd's was promising to be different (they spend alot of time promoting their service, I got letters and emails claiming to be open door, contact any time, even Ian told me that but he was lying). I spent a week trying to hound him down cuz there was a few bits missing (the parts in the trunk, and a scratch on the window tint, both he promised he would help me with, but then disappeared once he got the check). To this day (4 months) he never got back to me, not once. I had to harass Daryl Budd who had his second in command sort me out (Reno) He is all stars, he got everything done ASAP and I was made whole. Daryl is a great guy, but he promotes perfect service which he just doesn't deliver on. Staff is always friendly, but tasks get lost or delayed in the beurocracy. I took my car in to get the summer tires put on because they failed to put them on for when I took delivery. The spare key didn't work and they had to order a new one as well. Now all of this should have been taken care of in their 360 degree check they promised they were gonna do before delivery, but they didn't. I suspect all they did was wash it, they had a week its not hard to fix these things. Anyway, when I got there it was all smiles and yes sir right away, I was told it would take no more than 1.5-2 hours. That turned into 4.5. They claimed that the key had to be reprogrammed and that took 3 hours and the tires took 2 cuz that they didn't know they had to put the tires on the same rims. EVEN THOUGH I specifically told them when I booked the appointment that i was going to use the same wheels and that they had them in storage waiting for me. Their lounge is small and right in the sun so its very hot. The only reason I'd go to Budd's again is if I lived in oakville and wanted Dinan parts (they're the only dealer in Canada). Instead I'd suggest going to Mississauga BMW or an independent one. I tested them out with just a refill of tires but they got me sorted in 10 minutes no charge and were really nice. Their lounge is huge and more comfortable, the overall place is just alot nicer (probably because they just renovated). I'm going to make mississauga my regular one and write up a review for you all once I have real work done there.
E92 ///M3 in Dakar Yellow, M-DCT, iDrive, 220M OEM rims, Active Autowerke Green filter, Turner Motorsport test pipes, BPM stage 2 tune, Stoptech ST-40 F+R in yellow.