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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Julie the piano black looks great!
Longboarder, congrats on finally getting your car. I saw a similar spec M3 get delivered yesterday at the Welt.

Still 18 hours to go until I get to pickup mine. I've already checked in, hung out in the premium lounge, and done the plant tour now I'm REALLY ready for my car!!

Things I've seen: still a ton of M5's getting delivered. Half the M3's I saw delivered in the last two days have been driven out of the Welt by females. 900 3 series sedan and wagons get produced at the Munich plant a day, with production of a car taking about 40hours. The M3 and M5 engines as well as the N20 are produced at the Munich plant, diesel engines are produced in Austria. After paint, the wire loom is installed in the car, and when this happens the keys get attached to the car in a bag and travel with it for the rest of production. that was the biggest shock to me. I figured the keys got programmed to the car at the very end. The Munich factory tour is even better than the Spartenburg tour. You get to see so much more up close!

And yes, the M3 CRT looks the business and is a beast!!

Not sure when I'll have Internet again, but the wait is almost over for me!!!
Awesome beast charmer! Love the 'live reporting' from the Welt. I bet you're pinching yourself.

Wow, that's a lot of cars produced in a day.

I can't wait for you to get your car!!!
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