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I would beg to differ - my experience is different. If you're truly at the limit of mechanical grip (at peak slip angle) any change in throttle will indeed upset the car. The shifts for me are quick but just the slightly 1/10s drop in power will indeed upset your car if you're at the limit. In my experience if I'm not at the edge of the limit, it'll do fine, but if I'm at the cornering limit the shift will cause me to have to counter steer to correct additional yaw. So sometimes I'll anticipate it and relax the wheel just a tiny bit before I shift and then add steering right back after the shift - it all happens in less than 1/2s.
What drop in power? You have two clutches slipping against each other with both providing tractive force, there should not be any drop in propulsive force.

What I do notice though, is as you upshift, the propulsive force is less in the higher gear. This slightly changes the front/rear weight distribution. So on high speed sweepers, the car balance changes slightly towards oversteer (or less understeer) after the upshift since there is less weight on the rear wheels. But it is all very manageable.

I did however experience what you mention. At CMP, there is crest in the middle of a corner and I need to upshift right when I hit the crest. I do as you say and slightly open up the steering wheel just before I upshift.

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