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If you don't own this game....pick it up, it's a must have!

Breaks away from the traditional MMO holy trinity mold (tank, healer, dps)
Free to play, no monthly subscription
Shared group events, no waiting around for a specific quest just to have someone steal it
PVP!!! This game is first and foremost pvp, spvp, WvW. It's quite the challenge
The world. Yea it's a PvP game, but the PvE side is some of the best I've ever seen!!!
No go here, kill X, collect X, return X quests. Most are world events where you participate with tons of other people.
Balance, balance, balance. This game is probably the most polished game at launch I ever played.
No launch day issues. I had the 3 day early pass, it went smooth as silk.
Huge population, all servers are high or full.

CONS (I'm just nitpicking)
Call me old fashion, but I did like the Professions (classes) of guild wars 1 better. It was fun to combine a primary with a secondary to create crazy combos.
Some of the classes (thief) in PvE can be repetative due to the last of what I said above.

Overall: A to A+

System specs:
AMD Phenom II x980 (OC to 4.1 ghz per core)
EVGA GTX 480 (overclocked to 570 speeds)
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX mobo
8gig G.Skill DDR3 (14900)
Antec 1900 case

Runs max settings of the game at 60 fps (1900x1080) and only dips down to 40 fps when in heavy combat.
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