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Thanks for this, by the way. The noise is driving me CRAZY! And, it's embarrassing my +$70k car sounds cheap and broke-down. Call me superficial, but I don't want any of you guys rollin' up next to me and wondering why my car sounds terrible. Additionally, I'm actually genuinely concerned something might happen with the motor while I'm on the freeway and injure me or someone else. I had a fuel pump die in an Audi some years ago while on the freeway, and with no power - nothing - I barely got it to the side at a very busy time (I was in a very dangerous, life-endangering position on the side of the road where I couldn't even get out).

I paid a hell of a lot of money to be afraid of an otherwise high-end car.

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Mathew & ERM324, I had the exact same noise from my engine. 2 months go by, car in the shop. BMW was very slow. BMW regional rep. got involved. Finally pulled the motor, main bearings worn badly, rod bearings great shape, 14k on motor. Just as I thought, worn bearings, I just knew it! Told you BMW. I took more photo's than a Kodak store. New crankshaft, main and rod bearings replaced, $14,800.00 later, (covered, no cost to me)...........we start the engine, same sound. Hmmm, was it the bearings? Don't really know, BMW gives up and orders a new engine from Germany, 1 more month goes by, $27,400.00 later (covered, no cost to me), over $34,700.00 total on the last repair, no more ticking. I'm happy but confused. . BMW never could explain it to me. It's now been one year, 6k on new motor, no issues. This M3 is my first BMW ever, I really like this car, but now I listen to every M3 I see. I wish you good luck, that ticking just drove me nuts! BMW took care of me, I hope they take care you guys!