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Our engine shop was a diesel shop before VAC came into play, then they built BMW engines for VAC. Eventually VAC bought them and took the machine work 100% BMW.

Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
My reasoning for the detailed post about Alusil was because you didn't mention in the thread or on your site anywhere that you guys machine alusil blocks and you don't list Mahle as one of the vendors that you use.
Yes, we sell Mahle pistons and have a long standing relationship with those guys. We generally push CP though.

As for the heat transfer comments of mine and your rebuttal questioning my experience and asking how many Alusil/Nikasil blocks I have sleeved, that is irrelevant
Oh, we have sleeved a bunch and have had no problems. That the only reason I asked, not trying to make this a challenge. I can only speak to the experience we and our clients have had with iron sleeved aluminum engines.

My intentions are not to discredit VAC or take anything away from this engine build thread, I would just like to know that you guys are able and willing to do machining on Alusil blocks, I saw from the photos that you have a boring/honing machine that is more than capable of doing the job. If you are willing and able, we can talk about building me my stroker!
I'd love to chat I want to get this beast documented on the engine dyno before I start the 'official' marketing.

Now hurry up and get this thing on the DYNO, I wanna see what it puts down for power
Me too!
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