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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post

We're supposed to be at 5.6% Unemployment right now per the original estimation by Christine Romer who developed Obama's Stimulus Plan.

If no stimulus ever happened, we'd be at 6.0% Unemployment right now. The Dem's actually made the situation worse it seems by their own measure.

If the labor force participation rate (the number of folks either working or able to work) was the same when Obama took office in 2009 - we'd be at 11.0% unemployment right now versus the published 8.3%.

The President's $787b stimulus, by his own measure, proved ineffective. And before any Dem's argue that the real problem was not "enough" stimulus, liberal journalist Ezra Klien already stated that real cost of stimulus was between $1trillion - $1.7trillion dollars.

I don't see how what he's proposing for the next four years to be any more effective and I think most folks see this as well.
Not according to Nate Silver.........