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Originally Posted by doc19 View Post
Yeah I think you are right - they just couldn't keep the harder tires long enough to make a one stop work and they were slow in sector 2.

I have a question for you guys - I really don't understand the hate of Hamilton. I'm not a huge fan of his, but reading some peoples' comments on the web about him I find mystifying.

Was tweeting the telemetry bad for the team? Yeah, very much so, but as a fan of motor racing I found the info fascinating. I don't see this as him "acting like a baby" or "being immature." I think he just wanted to show people how much faster Button was going around the track than everyone else. And then, the next commenter calls him "immature" for not wanting to talk about the accident and moving on to congratulate Button's win, which, to me, seems to be the most mature thing you could do in that situation. Hamilton could have skewered Grosjean, and he had every right to based on the video. Anyway, I just don't get it. Like I said, not a big fan of Hamilton, but the guy can drive a car, his performance in Canada was nothing short of amazing.
I like Hamilton, but tweeting the telemetry was an enormous mistake on his part. Other teams can learn and calculate a lot from raw data like that, and effectively learn how McLaren sets up their car.

Also here it is if you're curious You can see how Hamilton's higher downforce rear wing was limiting him on the straights compared to Button, he lost .6 and .5 seconds on the straights compared to JB.

Pretty good race despite the start. Grosjean's penalty is completely fitting seeing how he nearly decapitated Alonso. If you're wondering why they were so harsh on him, it was because 1) of the severity of the incident and 2) he's been involved in (but not always caused) 7 first lap incidents out of 12 races.

Maldonado proved again why he's a pay driver.

Good drive by Vettel in the RB8 which was a dog this weekend, clearly drag limited on the straights. His scrap with Schumi for a bit was nice to watch.