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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
No. You can't guarantee landing the front wheel perfectly in-line when you come down from even a slight wheelie. You just can't. It's like saying you can feel traction better than a good traction control system. I'd rather have it than not. Then, there are bumps that you also have no control over. The fact that Kawa can offer both at $9,999 in 2011 means it's doable. Other marques just have bigger margins.
that would be considered rider error, not a bike causing the wobble. switching your weight towards the front and relaxing your grip and arms solves that.

Originally Posted by scollins
have ridden the MTS1200 and the Panigale S, both with wet clutches. My previous bike was also a wet clutch. Are wet clutches easier? Yeah, most times. Are they quieter? Sure, if that is an issue for you.

1.) Yes, I like the noise....

2.) Really? Haven't heard of that from any of the other Duc riders at the track. Yes, there are a lot of Duc riders at the track. I've seen far more there than at Starbuck's. Mine certainly hasn't overheated. Doesn't seem to affect the motogp riders either (well, unless your name happens to be Spies......)

3.) Dry clutches can last just as long, if not longer than wet clutches. Your car has a dry clutch. I think if wet clutches were superior to dry clutches, then we'd seem in automotive applications all the time, but we don't. Plus, how much does a clutch pack rebuild cost on a wet clutch? I can swap out my plates in less than an hour, with no oil to mess either, paying between $150 and $400 for plates (depending on manufacturer.)

4.) It was at first, then I learned how to modulate it properly and now the clutch is not grabby, rough or anything. Just have to learn the bike, like any other bike.

There are a lot of myths about owning Ducatis, most of which are no longer applicable or true. But those myths have doomed the Ducati dry clutch now. There is only 1 current 2012 Ducati with a dry clutch, the Hypermotard 1100. Every other Ducati now has a wet clutch. I bet by 2013, you won't find a single new Duc with a dry clutch.

But that is why there are different bike manufacturers out there. To each their own!
you're living in the pacific northwest, cooler temps. when i lived in cali, my gixxer 750 track bike never felt any different under the same conditions, but my 998 with EVR slipper and open cover would start feeling super sluggish and start groaning after one session.

dry clutches are definitely easier to swap out, and motogp bikes all have em. but, everyone else has wet clutches... so not sure what that tells us. ive owned two dry clutch ducs, now a wet clutch one. for all the character the dry clutches had, i miss the sound and look. but i dont miss the drivability, especially in town. low speed activity is definitely, the only true character i like in wet clutches. the launches are epic.