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Flat tire after an off.

Learning point. I went off sideways going pretty fast in the video below. Probably close to 100mph. That part of the track is odd because it's a long arc. I was working up to going flat out through that corner. The key is you have to stay in the throttle all the way through or you run wide. Sounds backwards but I've seen (and felt) it done. So I was running out of room because I let up. Tried to drop 2 wheels, keep the car straight, and slow the car. Don't wanna go straight off, there are trees out there. But I misjudged straight which caused the car to rotate. So I threw in the towel and locked it up as soon as the car started to go back across track.

Of course, I got black flagged...there was a large mushroom cloud of dust. I called it the session, checked everything and my tire was down to 20psi. I pulled it, check the tread, bead and wheel, no leaks.

Apparently, you can pull the tire off the bead for a split second and cause a loss of tire pressure. I knew the it happens, didn't know that the tire can reseat itself. Refilled the tire and ran 2 more sessions, no problems. Still no issues a week later.

If you get sideways at speed, consider checking your tire PSI.


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