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Originally Posted by ThatGuyMikee View Post
do the m3s need a special bulb(s) when replacing the factory ones with brighter ones? or just buy the size and put them in?
It's simple plug and play, u buy the bulbs and plug in
Some of those real cheap bulbs that are not operating properly won't function normally.

Best safe case is to get the set from the vendors here. They have bulbs specifically for these E9x lines, once you get them it takes 15 minutes to change all bulbs around to brighter LEDs.

I just got mine from hpb guys. They have their vendor site under E90/E92 section sponser site.

It's the cheapest of all other brands I found here (Depending on the vendors and lights, it goes from $55 to even $189).

i got the hpb with upgraded dome lights, which was about 80 bucks.
Just installed them all, it looks great