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I've had both the V1 and the 9500ix so I can give some insight to those who are stuck on the fence.

The V1 is alot more sensitive so I picked up KA/K a bit before the 9500ix would pick it up. The V1 also seems to pickup laser scatter alot more. I would get laser scatter atleast once a day on the V1 when on the Escort I may get it once a month. Due to the extra sensitivity on the V1 it picks up alot more false alerts, not just the grocery store's that the 9500ix picks up as well but I get alot of the newer Audi's and Porsche's on the freeway due to their new radar lane change warnings. The 9500ix does not pick those up for whatever reason. I also LOVE the arrows from the V1, they help out alot because you know where the radar is coming from. But the V1 also annoys me to no end with all the false alerts. So the biggest pro of the 9500ix in my mind is that it won't annoy you by picking up Audi's/newer car's on the freeway but then it doesn't have the arrows or added sensitivity of the V1. They both have trade offs.