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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Guys of lidar no longer do any testing. Go to radardetectorforum dot org.

Run two detectors simultaneously and you run the risk of them interfering with each other. If you must do this running the V1 with a remote mount unit like the 9500ci (not the 9500ix) is better but you better test placement first. Obviously the farther away from each other the better. But then each detector has an optimum position to mount it and you probably won't be able to achieve this.

A better way to do it, and one that a few have tried and have had success is running a V1 and Bel STi-R+ together. Then get a Laser Interceptor for jamming lidar, if it's allowed in your state. The STi-R+ is a remote mount unit just like the 9500ci but without the ZR-4 laser shifters (jammers). However, the LI jammers are better than the ZR4s and the STi-R+ is better than the 9500ci as a detector, even though it is made by the same company (Escort owns Beltronics). What makes the STi-R+ better is the extra configuration and setup options that let you tailor the detector. If you have the money and want to get your geek on then this is probably the best coverage right now -- V1, STi-R+ and LI.