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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
Most European bikes never come with anything unless you pay out the ass for some supposed "factory" version or bikes that had high MSRPs to begin with.

D675 = no slipper / no steering damper
1x98 = no slipper / not sure about steering damper
Aprilia RSV1000 = no slipper / no steering damper

ZX-6R = slipper and Ohlins steering damper
CBR600 = Electronic steering damper / no slipper

I could go on but the good news is that the Euro brands are catching up due to the drop in the deflation of the JPY.
a bike with a properly set up suspension doest need a steering damper, because it doesnt have headshake problems. most guys who have tank slappers have setup their suspensions poorly, usually too stiff.

different school of thought, and everyone is different, but i wouldnt want a slipper for my road bike. ducatis are bad enough with their dry clutches (love the way they look and sound), but add in a slipper and gasp!