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Klassen Monoblocks on Le Mans Blue!

I had a momentary lapse of sanity thinking I would sell my car. Instead, I did what every good capitalist does and redistributed some wealth. I bought e60cs5's wheels.

After going to the track this year and not liking it very much, I decided I was going to lower the car and get some 20's. About a month back someone had revived the thread above. One thing led to another and the wheels were in my garage ready to be installed. I got out the clay bar and put a fresh coat of Wolf's Rim Shield and some Adam's Super VRT on the tires and put them on the car.

I ordered KW Sleeve kit that won't be here until Thursday, but I couldn't wait to share a few photos. I took these photos at noon(the worst time to take car photos), so I'll try and do a better job capturing the color of the wheels after I lower it next weekend.

Here are the specs:

Klassen M52 Monoblock in Liquid Gray
Front: 20X9ET17 Michelin PS2 255/30ZR20
Rear: 20X11ET33 Michelin PS2 305/25ZR20

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