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Thanks so much for the support and advice everyone!

I agree the red paint should come off the body paint with some sort of acetone or paint thinner or clay bar, since the body paint should be much harder to damage. However, I am worried about the level of coverage -- the red paint is all over the place, including the lights, glass, and rims. My concern is that, if I try repairing it and fail, insurance might not be keen on paying for a full paint job at that point.

Three quick questions, if you guys will allow me:
1) Any implications of this being a lease? Would the leasing company (BMW Financial) have specific requirements about how to deal with something like this?
2) About how much would a total repaint cost? And any chance the leasing company/insurance would let me change the color?
3) Any recommendations on how to find a shop that specializes in something like this?

And yes, no f--ks were given that day. I took photos, tried a car wash, and then drove for 5 hours to New Hampshire. Along the way, one woman stopped next to me and told me it looked like an awesome paint job. After I told her it was unintentional, her jaw dropped. Two guys commented at two different gas stations. And there were a number of looks/points on the highway, but that could have been general M3 aggressive driving + top-down + blonde in the passenger seat pointing.

Lights407, no worries. I don't think there's something particularly wrong with NYC people that makes it worse than other cities; or, there might be many things, but getting red paint thrown / shot / accidentally spilled on your car probably isn't one of them. However, there is certainly much more risk of random s--- happening to your car if you leave it parked in the street than in a garage. Lesson learned.

Thanks again everyone!