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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Well, you stopped the action on the ones that you shared with us. Did you have some blurs on others?

That's what you paid for. Pump the ISO.
Yeah, I tried to show the best, most interesting ones from the ones I took.

I should've pumped up the ISO to at least 1600. Oh well, it was my first time... you live and you learn.

Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Kill off some magenta, 1/500th is a bare minimum starting point and that is if they are standing there. At those distances it doesn't take much movement to get blur. I shot a baseball game and at 1/1500th you could see the blur on the outfield wall. (straight on,IS and no panning involved)
Yeah, usually for my action shots I use 1/500s at least. So I decided to do that here as well. It looked pretty good when zoomed into the LCD, but in LR4 many were in fact blurry. I'll definitely be shooting at faster shutter speeds next time.

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