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See responses in red.

Originally Posted by scubasewj View Post
Anyone have kw coilovers v3 with edc? I'm looking for some reviews or feedback, I tried looking for reviews for the coilovers with edc but was unsuccessful. From what I've read about the v3s is that they're a bit stiffer than sport setting on edc (stock).

KW V3's will kind of be about as comfortable or uncomfortable (within reason, of course) as you set it. It's an adjustable shock, so if you set your compression low it'll be comfortable, and if you set it high, it won't be. It's got a reasonably decent range of adjustment to it, too.

A bit about my car/situation..I use the car as a daily driver but plan to tracking it (twice a month) and often go on windy weekend drives. I'm looking for something good on the track but also something similar to stock on the streets. I live in San Francisco so very shity road conditions and hilly so I'm not looking to lower the car much.

Well since you live in a place with shitty roads, I guess that's that. Can't have your cake and eat it too in this case. I feel that KW CS is a better street/sport coilover that's still mainly a street setup, but it's noticeably stiffer than stock.

I have an e92 m3 with akrapovic full exhaust and ess vt-600 supercharger getting installed this week. Along with the increased power I'm looking to beef up the suspension and get wider wheel. (19in bbs ch-r).

Sorry if I missed the question in this comment, I'm just reading it as a comment. I had BBS CH's before the R's came out, they're a nice looking wheel.

Is the extra cost for the kw v3 with edc worth it? What kind of settings does the edc offer (and can you use the stock edc button)? Any feedback would be helpful

Ah....uh....what?, you can have this. See below.
Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
There are no such things as EDC-compatible coilovers for the E92 M3. All kits require the KW/Macht Schnell EDC emulators to delete the error codes from not having any EDC, or require coding/reprogramming. KW is developing a coilover with EDC that will be released in a year or so maybe, but it still doesn't use the car's inferface: it uses an iPhone application to adjust the shocks. So, technically, there still won't be an EDC "compatible" coilover then.
In other words, the EDC module simply deletes any error codes your car has. It's a requirement, unless you don't mind seeing an EDC error on your car's dashboard every time you start the car. It doesn't add any functionality, nor does it remove any, it simply lets your car operate as intended after the removal of EDC. But really, I do think that all of these answers can be searched for and found with little to no difficulty.