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Oh, Jesus. Is what you learned in 6th grade art class, if not before, get forgotten? The three primary colors, black and white will look good everywhere and all the time; they go with everything. However, while white materials show up more dirt and black ones less, it's the opposite with white painted and black painted cars. I can't say for sure, but I think it's the shine in the paint that makes for this reversal.

Growing up, I recall Father only every bought black cars and I wished he would buy a grey one, but alas, they didn't offer grey very much if memory serves. Then in the '70s, he finally bought a white car with a baby blue interior. I loved it. After that, it was back to black. My first BMW was white, my second is grey and my third is black. The ones I bought for my daughter and son are black. My SUV (not a BMW) is brown.

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