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Originally Posted by KmndntKlink View Post
lol v-power. I'm still in the camp that gas in canada is basically the same regardless of who supplies it (except for octane rating of course). I use OLCO 91, cuz its on my route from work, the people are nice and I get VIP points to offset the already cheaper gas. I tried shell 91 v-power for a while, no difference except prices are constantly $1.40+ even if market price goes down. That pissed me off so I stopped buying it. I save like 10-20$ when I fill up now. In terms of fuel economy, its unchanged. Seriously no difference in sound, smoothness or anything. Still pulling 11.5L/100k which I think is damn good for the beastly v8

Maybe i'm wrong and v-power is the best thing since sliced bread, but I can't notice any difference, not in normal driving. Maybe ill pay closer attention to cold starts though, does it really make a difference? Sometimes it turns over a little longer, but I can't reproduce it reliably so idk.

edit: I kind of agree with apecush, shell's marketing is good. I'm sure I've read some articles before that proved the gas comes from the same place and goes to the stations. only difference is the picture on the side of the truck.
Holy crap! 11L/100km You drive like a grandma! lol. I can't get any better than 16L/100km. My wallet is screaming everytime I pull over at a gas station

And yes, there are basically just 2 or 3 companies I believe that refine gasoline for the canadian market. So all gas is technically the same. I believe the real difference is in the additives and detergents. Each company has its own concoctions. Though I personally haven't noticed any difference in performance or fuel economy. I use petro canada often just because it's right next to my home.