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Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post

my "breaks" are doing just fine, 335i BRAKES do very well, just may not look as nice.

And no, not everyone would pick the m3. 335i offers x-drive and at a much lower price point. Beside the fact that m3 is a better TRACK car, i feel the 335i is a better STREET car. For the price you pay of course you expect things to get better. MPG, Torque, lower price point, and less expensive maintenance excluded. Which one is better to say you have? yeah m3. There alot of 335i owners who of course do want an m3, but are MORE then satisfied with their 335. Not saying 335i is better what so ever, but 335 is a great car for the money.
I've driven modded 335 and their brakes are a joke compared to M3 brakes. Even at stock level the brakes fade on the 335 when driven hard, I NEVER had brake fade in my M. I do however agree with everything else you state in your reply.
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