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Originally Posted by JonNYC View Post
The world is a different and varied place. My M3 is NYC-based and-- in Manhattan, anyway-- putting your car in a parking garage is no guarantee against damage whatsoever. I've suffered more damage in the garage (and, yes, switch garages when it happens-- makes no difference. And xmas tip bigger than almost anyone else in the garage) than I have parking on the street, which I do often-- albeit never overnight.

I wanna enjoy the car I bought, not treat it as a museum piece, and, yeah, sometimes snit happens, but I get full enjoyment and use out of my car in the mean time.
Yeah, I suffered 3 separate accidents at the hands of NYC valets, one of them semi-major. Given the damage, seemed pretty likely that they were joy-riding it.

It's a hell of a pill to swallow when you're paying the garage anywhere from 400 to 700 a month just to park the car (and they insist on fucking it up)...

I hate to say it, but all of the car-related angst that NYC caused me was part of the impetus for me getting the hell out of there.
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