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Remember that there are powers that be, that want us fighting amongst ourselves, calling each other names to take our eyes off the ball.
We are getting less and less and fighting more and more. The real key is to "follow the money". Notice who in our economy has benefited the most and who has suffered. It is easy to fight for scraps of food when the cupboard is bare rather than look at why the cupboard is bare. We are all patriotic Americans and need to stop fighting and start finding ways to make changes in the system because it is broken.
Elect representatives that instead of signing pledges or allegiance to one man, will sign an allegiance to America. We all know that we can't always get 100% of what we want in politics or real life for that matter. We must be willing to be adults and understand that getting 50% of what you want is sometimes wiser for the country than to stay in a place of cutting off your nose to spite your face. That is how politics works best in a democracy. I am hopeful that if we all find what unites us, we can get back to restoring our great country.