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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
You are the most opinionated guy in this forum and I still have not figured you out after how many years now?
Thank you. It's simple, though. I have a fair amount of knowledge, and no allegiance to any car company. I am, in fact, a promiscuous car lover.

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Like, you put in your info that you drive a Subaru Legacy and yet you are on this forum more than me. Retired? A lot of time? I don't know.... Just figure I put that out there... hehe
My first Subie. Can't believe how much I enjoy driving this car. As much, in fact, as our first M3 (an E36), and more than our second (an E46). Went looking for an STI and returned with the Legacy.

I am here because there are several members who have both good knowledge and good writing skills, plus I have a lot of respect for BMW in two significant areas. First, they are masters of the ride/handling compromise, and second, they tend to make the best back-road bandits in any given category in which they compete.

Of course, I also publicly grind my teeth over their size and weight gains.

Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
I'm not going to get sucked into a discussion with you because I know you have very good debating skills and have a lot of book knowledge. If your driving skill is half that, I would be really impressed...
At a guess, if you and I went at it today on track in identical cars, you'd kick my ass hard enough so that you'd have to go to the hospital with me to get your shoe back.

On the other hand, I was a track rat for 14 seasons, the first several as a student, and the balance as an instructor. It's just that, since I hung it up in 2009 (mostly out of boredom), I'm quite sure that I'm completely covered in rust.

When active, I was faster than many. However in my opinion it wasn't due to high talent, but mostly because I was willing to cut into the margins more than most at any given session. (Read: The Red Mist.)

So, if we went back at it again tomorrow, I'd give you a lot of trouble.

OK, we can stop beating our chests now.