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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
Sure he cheated. But guess what many of the pitchers that pitched to him most likely used steroids. Does that make it ok? No.

But steroids has been used for so long that it has hard to know.

Also back in hank's day the pitchers had their mound changed which then caused hitters to hit way better. That could be cheap considered to some back then.

Either way, his head is going to explode soon so just wait guys.
I just read about the same stuff in my local news paper the other day. Said around 2/3's of the people found using steroids were actually pitchers and also talked about the pitching mound/Hank thing. I agree do it doesn't make things right but puts things into perspectives that people shouldn't focus their anger on just bonds when steroids have become common use in the MLB (but that might decline now).

You have to give the man credit though, extra strength is only part of the formula to be so successful in this sport. There's also skill and talent that some are just born with to allow them to connect so well with the ball.

Now we just have to watch out for A. Rod . This dude is on fire too.