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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i believe the only bespoke part on the 1m is is the "powered by BMW M" sticker on the engine lid
the 1m was an excercise in seeing how much people would pay for a 1m
which is why production was limited, to generate hype for the next 1M based on the new chassis.
why else would a car manufacturer release a model when the new shape of that same model was already out?
a 1 year production run?
yeah right!
This is not true. While the 1M shares the engine with the Z4 and 335is, it was tuned by M to close to 370 lb/ft on overboost. It has a lightened flywheel to spool faster. It comes with auxilary water cooler, there is no hood insulation, no light in the visor. The body IS bespoke to the 1M, it is not a plastic add-on, it is a BESPOKE sheetmetal body like the E30 M3. It is the first BMW with air curtains now being added to new M3! I guess once the M3 gets them they won't be BESPOKE anymore.

It came with orange stitching since you might be into fluff like extended leather, no other BMW came with orange stitiching....BESPOKE.

It only comes in MANual and will be the last M car made that was only offered in manual only.

Electronic shocks are used to to make the M3 more confortable, the 1M only has one setting.....///M car stiff.

It is not a perfect car but when I visited ///M Design in Garching on my Euro Delivery, I asked this question to them. I told them that there were a lot of people back in the US that thought the 1M was not a real ///M car and wanted to know what the people that built it thought. He told me flat out, that the 1M was ABSOLUTELY a real M car and something that many within ///M thought was overdue since the cars were getting bigger, heavier and less focused. So you are squarely at odds with many of us that love ///M cars and those that actually design and build them.