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Originally Posted by TR3VOR HANDS OFF View Post
v3ry nice! i'd like to see this in person.
I'm switching jobs. So hopefully I can make it out to more meets and such. See ya around!

Originally Posted by bmwaddict View Post
subscribed for further reference higher rez please?
I will try to get some loaded up. Flickr auto downsizes all my photos.

Originally Posted by Siciliano611 View Post
What size spacers in the front? 12mm? I'm dropped and getting the same PSS sizes and wondering what spacers you have in the front without rubbing...thanks
No spacers, but had 15mm on stock ZCP wheels when I had them on.

Originally Posted by lcrain View Post
Wow, car looks great!

On another note: I remember drooling over your zhp back in the day on e46fanatics, just now recognizing that screen name . Looks like a lot has changed since then. Congrats!
Really? I still have that car right now. Crazy how fast time goes by.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
What vender? Why are people here so protective of the venders here, even when they get screwed over??

Probably no spacers with a +22 offset on a 9.5" wheel.

It was AUTOcouture.

The reason I didn't mention them initially was they were able to work out the details to ensure I was happy keeping these wheels. They also did not try to deny the damages and brush me off after notifying them.

All in all, I was a little disappointed I did not get what I initially wanted, but the wheels do look great after all the little hiccups I had to deal with.

Originally Posted by iDontAlwaysDrink View Post
OP, those wheels look great. Love the BBS FI/HRE+Arkym/Klassen style of wheel. I know Vorsteiner makes one too, but I'm not sure if I'd rock their version personally.

I'm sure your 10.5 inch wheel looks fine, I doubt anyone can notice the difference, and no life-or-death need to go for maximum wide. Very clean.

In response to this troll,

Firstly, this is the image section of the forum, not the wheels and tires section of the forum where people go to ask the same question over and over again. Secondly, this thread is about Arkym wheels, not even about OEM BMW wheels. Thirdly, this thread is about images of Arkym wheels on an M3, not about ZCP wheels on an M3, let alone anything. Fourthly, a Google search could have easily answered both your questions, as demonstrated below.

Fifthly, those answers that were found on Google come from this forum, so you could have searched the forum. And finally, there is a whole thread dedicated to spacers that EAS has created.

I saw the Vorsteiner ones too. But I couldn't pass up on the Arkyms due to the fact they are made by HRE.

Yeah, I actually do not mind the 10.5", but I don't have the option of running 305's.

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
very nice...thats funny the vendored said the 11's wouldn't fit. They must have had a crazy off set like 19x11(+20) or something.
They didn't say they didn't fit. They told me they were 19x11 by mistake.

Originally Posted by Ricfutures View Post
Beautiful set up! Definitely looking at gunmetal color for my next wheel set up. What suspension are you running and what's the drop in the front and rear?
The car is only KW Sleeve's. Lowered to about 5mm left from the maximum they can lower.