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1) Mercedes E350 (current) - Drive it every other day since my mother's car but yea lacks power basically when used to a 335i, very, very comfortable and a nice ride. Roomy and good finish, nice styling as well. Steering is way to soft, you can steer easily with just one finger. Brakes are ok, but lack the feel my bmw has.

2) Mercedes CL600 (current) - What a beautiful car, looots of power from the V12, but a little on the heavy side. Comfortable ride, very quick, especially above 50+ mph. All the luxury one wants and a crazy price tag lol. Steering felt pretty decent and good brakes. Accelerator had a good feel.

3) Camaro SS - good styling, good torque but felt interior, pedal feel was alright, nice sound but very poor visibility.

4) Cadillac CTS - disappointing overall. Cheap quality, bad pedal and steering feel.

5) Chevy Impala - It was a rental car in NV, and oh boy this was probably the worst car I have ever driven. Cloth seats which felt like grandma's couch, cheap interior, no power (base engine), terrible pedal feel and brakes. Same goes for steering. One thing however, the ride was very soft which I guess can be counted as positive lol.

6) Lexus Is250 - Bmw drive event....power was ok, interior ok, overall it felt like a copy of a mercedes....

7) Mercedes c250 - Nice interior, cool std steering wheel, brakes were not bad, pedal feel pretty good, acceleration felt faster than it actually was. Needs more power...

Can't think of any other ones right now, but I'm still waiting to take my father's panamera 4s for a spin hehe