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It wouldn't have mattered how much he turned in, the elevation change lifted the cars weight of the front tires. If he knew the turn better he could've trail braked and loaded the front tires and did a more aggressive turn in.

I bet he has learned his lesson and he won't be attempting something like that again because his balls are still shriveled up. I know mine would be. We aren't standing up for the kid but we are just saying everyone makes mistakes. You learn from them. Yeah he didn't have the correct hand and seating positions but i'd be willing to put money down that many people on this forum and other car forums would screw up that corner driving at those speeds. I play forza and i have to rewind 10 times to get one corner good sometimes. SH1t happens. It's probably taught alot of us to be more careful including myself.

Cheers to a learning experience!

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