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Originally Posted by JZ View Post

Just posting this before the internet freaks out....
Cliff notes for those of you tl;dr guys/gals: - A polarizer was used and 4 polarized layers were comped together in photoshop - Budget constraints meant I had 30mins to shoot a full set of 8 photos in 30mins - The correct exposure was set on camera, if I did not know how to operate a camera, then I would not be hired by anyone as a "pro"
Hey guys just wanted to chime in here as the photographer and editor of this photo yep it's me . The client requested that certain location and with the budget that was provided, no assistant or gear was able to be rented so I used what I had, which was a NIkon D700 + Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 + Nikon Polarizer and a Manfrotto tripod. Not even flash was used in this shoot. The car was only able to meet me near that location so location-wise we had to make do and also the original location we planned out for 2 weeks was closed last minute. During the shoot, I took 4 different polarizations to reduce the reflections, but having a polarizer does not mean its the end all be all to. After combining the polarizations in photoshop, the reflections we still disgustingly apparent so I went ahead a cloned/brushed them out. It would have been better in regards to cleaner reflections to have the car shot in the studio then composted into the location back plate, but we didn't have that kind of luxury to do so. I chose to leave some of the reflections on the car on the left side since the building was a huge component to this piece. Hope this clears up. Not all budgets are the same and not all shoots will turn out the same.