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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
Yup, I saw that, but I think it will rub like crazy if I try to put fatter rubber on it. I'm actually rubbing on the passenger liner with just 255 AD08s in front. It rubs ever so slightly when the steering wheel is turned to the right at maybe 2 turns? Where the outside edge of the tire would rub on the rear middle portion of the liner. Should have taken a picture but I was trying to figure out all weekend where that noise was coming from and finally kept the steering in, got out of the car and looked.

But before that, I was seriously thinking about getting a pair of ZCP rears and putting 275s in front. Maybe 275/30/19 will still work, either way, it will not be a square setup, which is why I'm leaning against it.
I recently went from 18" stockers to 18"x10" ARC-8 rims, for now with 265/285 RS-3's (found a great deal on the forum). My next tires on these rims will be 275 or 285 all around R compounds, i think I'll like the square setup a lot.

As it stands right now, given how cheap and good these rims are, and how perfect the offset is, I will simply never look back. Keep the stocks rims with the expensive Michelins for street driving, and don't care how much I tear the track tires apart.

You're right of course, it's a slippery slope and I'm now contemplating springs, but heck you only live once (until proven otherwise ).

Speaking of mods, what pads are you using?

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