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Originally Posted by Boostin FD View Post
I don't think "Baking" The headlights is as hard as everyone else is trying to make it. My friend and I did it on his 2012 Acura TL... It was fairly simple job.

Where did you get these orion's? My only worry is wiring the angele eyes... I'm not sure if all the resistors and everything elese needed is included in the package. Would suck if you "bake" them, install it all and then later get the damn Warning light.
Dude I am the type of guy that couldn't even take the emblem of the hood and trunk. Lol. I never do any work myself since most of the times I am too scared to mess it up. Like I said earlier on the post, there is a reason why no one really does this on their own and sends it OSS or Lightwurkz.
Taking apart the whole headlight, baking and all that is too much sensitive work. For me at-least. But again, if you are that guy who loves to do stuff on his own, then go for it. Again, please post you progress pics so it can help other people save some big money on labor. I got the lights from Umnitza in Concord, CA and had them install it.
I never got an error code since I got these. Been over a month I think. I am not sure what comes in the package. Call Umnitza, talk to Matt, find out the details and Good luck!