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Originally Posted by zimbim View Post
Guys, I love my e92 but may sell it for the new M3. I'd appreciate any feedback from you M guys in regard to the particulars of the M cars. Is it too much car? Is it difficult to upkeep? Any regrets for purchasing an M car? Mine would be a manual tranny. What can I say, I'm feeling the need for speed!
You won't regret it! I've got 53k on my '01 E46 and I've loved it. I'm ready for something new, and the new M3 was my choice (deposit 10/05); so far, I am not dissapointed with what I've seen. My '01 has been very trouble-free and never not started or left me stranded. Maintenance is not bad with BMW picking ujp most items for 4 years, which is a rarity (or maybe unique?) these days. The S65 will not require valve adjustments, either, which are the most expensive maintenance item on the S54. Go for it!

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