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Much of the problem is prioritizing.

I see tons of people driving 10', 11' and 12' vehicles and coming out of the rental apartments down the street from me. And most of them are IS250's, 328i's etc.

Let's assume their leasing, (which most likely is the case nowadays) their tossing out at least 400 bucks a month on a car they don't need. Then, rent, which is about 1000.

That's 1400 dollars a month for two things you won't ever own, nor will you be able to liquidate it at any point down the line.

I would personally rather jump into a house and drive pos beater, then to be leaving in an apartment. (I mean no disrespect to anyone)

I just feel 40k millionaires rule the U.S nowadays. Or maybe they always did and I wasn't old enough to realize it? lol

It's all about need vs want.