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Originally Posted by dcgolfdr View Post
Quick out there and the New and improved Hans comment was funny. Hopefully we can get down there for the same event next time. I was able to put down some 2:09's and 2:10's Monday and Tuesday, but that is with my cheat car, I don't know how the hell you can do that in the M3.
I guess I must the slowest out of this group, but being there at VIR 3 times now, I have improved my average time from 2:55's - 2:40's - 2:30's (mostly with laps that have traffic)

I definitely need to enter the climbing esses at a greater speed than <100mph.

Two cars crashed in my run group around the same area.. so I was reluctant to climb the esses above 100mph.

Anyone hear from the M5 or the Focus that crashed?