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Originally Posted by Porschefile
My point was that he drove that car that hard at every track, every lap. Using ST60/ST40 and ST pads, without cooling. And consistently did sub 2:10 at VIR on PS2's, without ever overheating the brakes. I understand that's an extreme example, but I still think it speaks for the performance of the ST pads with a bbk.

I agree with you about the feel though, it is not so good. But for the price of the pads and the stopping power and the ability to not swap pads it is totally worth that trade off.
I can see this with the bbk having better heat absorption and a smart driver! I did take my car out on the stoptech pads and they weren't terrible...but the feel/and confidence want there. My opinion of you only track them a couple times a year or are in a bind they work...but the extra time/money to change to something more aggressive is worth it!