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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
POS comes to mind. I smoked the slow ass Mustangs in my group last weekend at VIR. One of them was a 302 and think the other two were GTs with their cool racing stripes that add 20 hps and knock 10 secs off their lap times. I'm not hating on the Mustangs, think they are good cars for the money. I would get a Camaro before I get a Mustang though. End opinion.
You call the Boss 302 a POS, then say you're not hating on Mustangs?

Listen, I'm already on record in this string, saying that the M3 is a better overall vehicle than the Boss, and wins in every way except on track, drag strip or at the gas pump.

Still, the Boss is a great value. The LS model is not worth the extra money, in my opinion (since it's only slightly quicker than the base model), but even the LS goes out the door for less than $50K. At less than $45K for the base model (with Torsen), it's a steal.

Objectively speaking, these cars are absolutely not competitors, though. The only reason they get compared is because Ford stated their track performance goal was the M3 at Laguna Seca. Of course, they had already beaten the M3 like a rented mule at LS, or they wouldn't have stated that goal in the first place.

Click here at for a track comparison of the two cars.