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Originally Posted by BabyrayS2k View Post
LOL at this crazy post. WTH are you talking about? I owe my company an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. That is it. Nothing more. There is no loyalty between company and employee in today's world.

And the OP owes his boss and company NOTHING. The OP is worth more in the market because of his work ethic and he applied himself at his current job. He doesn't owe them shit.
^ this is what is wrong with today's job market
the "I only owe you what you pay me, and if it isn't in my job description you can go shove it! also, you're not my supervisor so shove it! and shove it because shove it!" attitude

A person that jumps ship the second anyone offers them a 10% raise is not good work ethic. Like I said, eventually you just end up looking like a flake that can't keep a job, and as someone else said, people will eventually peg you as "that guy". Let us not forget the fact that he wants to blackmail his current employers to meet a new job offer. How does that make his work ethic good enough to make him worth MORE in the market. Burning bridges left and right

Also, is he putting them down in his CV? also, perhaps the head hunters are after him because of the opportunity his CURRENT employers gave him. Somewhere, he does owe them, and there is nothing wrong with that.
If all you see them giving you is money, then you are very narrow minded and will never make it far.
People who chase the quick buck never make it big time. Let that be a lesson to you, son. (and you're probably older than me)