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Originally Posted by cacofonix View Post
You would think that BMW which makes tall claims about technology would have had this part ironed out. Apparently not. So, I guess the status indicator is also not correct? How would I know when I will get my car?

PS: The sheet titled "ORDER" on which I signed has all the correct options.
Yep, pretty irritating. The dealer can always check on your car's true status, but don't pester them TOO much, and many of them proactively notify you anyway for events like your car going into production, getting onto a ship, etc. There's a sticky around here somewhere that even shows how to track the ship your car is on as it crosses the pond. Then of course your dealer will call you when it arrives on the lot.

Originally Posted by MineralWeiss View Post
When I checked mine the dealer accidently ordered the carbon fiber roof when I wanted the moonroof.
Weird, happened to me too, but I caught it before I signed off on the sheet, and since my allocation hadn't yet gone into production by then, it was fine. I guess the dealers just make sure the MSRP shown on the order matches the expected MSRP based on your options, so no-cost options sometimes get missed.
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