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There are tons of tests done by a variety of supposedly "impartial" reviewers and probably the most impartial is guysoflidar. The problem is some of these reviewers still might have personal bias. If you want the absolute best detector, get both a V1 and a 9500ix and maybe one or two others, not very practical but that way your covered. It has been my experience, and I have been using detectors constantly since the late 80s, that you will get good performance if you buy any of the upper end get what you pay for. It seems no detector is truely the best in every area, but most will give you enough warning to save you from a ticket MOST of the time. If your on a desolate road at night (maybe one car every 5 minutes), and the police are sitting on the side of the road with their radar off until you arrive, even the best detector isn't going to save you.